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Anonymous asked: I see a guy with white top and kinda ginger hair in those coachelle pics where is kendall or kylie , so who the hell is he hahha

Yeah I think you’re referring to their body guard, well I think its their body guard or security haha

kattsereno asked: Where are some similar sunglasses to the flower ones Kendall was wearing to cochella?

Try ebay or etsy or even DIY :) x

Anonymous asked: do you think kylie dresses a bit indie or boho?

I don’t think she does, vanessa hudgens dresses boho/indie. 


Kylie: ”la la day 3”
April 13, 2014 - Kendall at Coachella day 3 (without the fake nose ring thank god)
April 13, 2014 - Kendall at Lacoste’s Coachella Pool Party day 3

April 13 - Kendall at Lacoste Coachelle Pool Party (Kendall your a babe, but that fake nose ring ain’t doing you any favours)

Anonymous asked: Kendall looks stupid asf with that huge fake nose ring

Haha I have to honestly say I agree!

dentellevogue asked: How would you describe kylies style and kendalls?

I think Kylie is clearly edgy but modern and fashion forward.

Kendall dresses for comfort and loves basics :)

Anonymous asked: People are hating on Kylie's current style because it's 'not suitable for her age'. I say that she's only 16, can't she explore a little? Besides, trends change and she's known to be edgy, so of course she would follow along trends. Also, some teens do want to be an adult already because being a teenager actually sucks, and Kylie's probably dressing more mature due so.

I never dressed like Kylie when I was 16, but that was because many 16 year olds aren’t confident and know who they are like Kylie does (also because we can’t afford most of her clothes anyways haha). As long as she’s clothed (unlike some celebs) then it shouldn’t be a problem. I’m not saying to 16 year olds to go out normally to wear heels like she does but save it for birthday parties or special occasions because at the end of the day Kylie lives a extravagant lifestyle and realistically we don’t :) I agree being a teenager does suck in terms of dressing but the last thing you want to do is to look old, you have plenty of time to look old however you have very little time to look young! Kylie maybe pictured all dressed up most of the time but even she wears chucks and casual clothes! Kylie has amazing fashion style casual or formal, people hate on her ‘formal looks/red carpet looks’ but regardless she is always classy and that’s what matters!

Anonymous asked: Why do people obsess over people who never work for anything in their life and are famous because of a big sister that just fucked an c celebrity

Who said I was obsessed with them, as someone who appreciates fashion I happen to like the way they dress. THIS isn’t my main blog on tumblr it’s dedicated towards their fashion style. If anything I’m ‘obsessed’ with their style just like all my followers on here.

April 12, 2014 - Kylie and Kendall at Coachella day 2
April 12, 2014 - Kylie at Coachella day 2
April 12, 2014 - Kylie and Kendall at Coachella day 2